New ideas or customer demands form the basis for the development of new products at Innomotive Systems Hainichen. These new concepts and developments lead to new requirements and product properties which need elaborate testing and assessment.

During conception with the help of modern CAD systems (CATIA V5 / NX 10), 3D models are created and virtual tests are undertaken.

After successful finalization of the simulations, the concept is approved and further product optimization cycles are engaged until a first prototype can be fabricated.

Based on the CAD data, numerical control programs are programmed by our exemplary production section for the production of the first real parts on NC machines. After being fabricated, those parts are assembled to functional models by our prototyping department. The finalized prototypes are then passed through several extensive quality controls, laboratory tests and multiple other tests in our in-house test-bay.

After all tests are finished successfully, trial product samples are manufactured in pre-serial production and then undergo even more tests and sustained loading experiments.

Only if those samples fulfill all of the demanded specifications, allegations, underlying standards and quality requirements then the newly developed product is transferred to serial production, step by step.

  • Idea

  • Concept

  • Functional model

  • Prototype

  • Pre-series

  • Series