Quality has many faces and by that we don’t just mean the employees of our corporation in Hainichen, Germany and Nanjing, China as well as our suppliers and partners worldwide. Quality for Innomotive Systems means a detailed planning of all quality related aspects, starting with the first client contact right through to after sales.

Our customers can rely on ISH using standardized quality regulation circuits in all corporate fields to ensure the same high standards of processing and production worldwide.

The consistent, further development of our integrated management systems and acquisition of certificates which belong to it are the basis to further expand our high standards. Our objective to offer a very high quality standard with innovative technologies, products and services and at the same time maintain attractive conditions requires a management system which is widely accepted by every employee and lived on a daily basis. Such is the case at Innomotive Systems Hainichen.

By including all employees in our continuous improvement processes, everybody takes part in accomplishing our corporate goals.

We are certified for:

All certificates are valid for the development and production of engine components, hinges and aggregates.